www.mmova.com gap seems to have lost its much talked about

Sino-Dutch football match www.mmova.com over two days, two teams at the tactical level the gap seems to have lost its much talked about, but stands and wearing an orange Netherlands team jerseys fans in China is feeling a bit by the television commentary, stir up fallout if the number of fans on the Internet, the football world well-known stalwart, has a large number of fans in China. For example, the Italy team's fans in China, their absolute numbers may be greater than Italy at home. While Chinese fans like Netherlands team, a lot of people started in the year of "the three Musketeers" era, elegant gorgeous and loves to attack the Netherlands imprint on football as a kind of temperament in the youth. As a Chinese fan wearing an orange shirt said, this could be either an expression of the Netherlands football to enjoy, like a little "to youth" feat. Would not necessarily be against fans love team and Chinese team's style is personal preference. World dance troupes, style is different, over time, the football culture of the soil even more thick, hard is a humanistic environment of each country will give the corresponding style of football, football also affects those humanistic qualities of the Kingdom. Soccer is known as the first movement, this charm is probably also one of the team's style could win fans in tizzy to follow. But China's style of football has always been elusive, the Yankees changed how many handsome stubble now Spaniards Camacho was unable to give the Chinese team into the Spain football subtlety. On the field, "the class," the voice out was also made that, in fact, don't blame Camacho, who can't change. Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal's proposal sounds fair, instead of sending their children to abroad training, rather than from a local grass-roots grabs. "If you put kids in the Netherlands, children learn is the Netherlands football philosophy, feel is the Netherlands football atmosphere. Only in the local culture, they have the soccer philosophy of Chinese culture under the background of, is suitable for Chinese football, can cover more kids. "Truth, look good, but in reality, Chinese children playing time and venues where? Chinese football have no roots, style is not elusive?

Atmosphere of common style to create the team and fans, watching football buy cheap fifa 14 coins and football always interactive. Fans wearing jerseys of who is in the interaction with the team, Dutch battle, there's a detail: Netherlands team jerseys on every player's Chinese name, this kind of interaction, and bring fans closer. Chinese players behind only the number, and don't even have a name's phonetic shorthand. Netherlands team practices can be explained to clever commercial motives, but also embodies respect for the fans. Chinese football was hard now into the Netherlands team Hogan, but their fans did not neglect. Netherlands man can think can only do so, China?