Keep in mind that shipping dates are most often estimates

If you need your car shipped locally or internationally, auto transport companies take the hassle out of getting your car shipped. Here is a short guide about auto shippers, their delivery time frames, payment methods and just how car shippers work.

Payment Methods. Car shipping companies offer easy payment methods, as they accept almost any type of payment. Many transport companies require a partial payment up front . Its usually a deposit of around half the total amount then the remaining payment is paid to the driver upon delivery of you automobile. There are some that may require payment in full ahead of time, it would depend on the contract you agreed to. One auto shipping company is different from another, but this is how around 90% of them do run their service.

Time Frames. If you need the help of auto shippers as soon as possible then its no problem. Pick up and delivery can take a day or two PVC Foam Profiles Manufacturers to half a month, it would depend on both locations - where you're coming from and where you're going to. The nice thing about auto shippers is that they also offer expedited shipping, which will take the littlest time possible. This, of course, varies by the distance of the delivery as well. Keep in mind that shipping dates are most often estimates, as there are factors beyond the auto shipper's control such as weather, traffic conditions and even the DOT. The thing is, experienced auto shippers can estimate quite well and they can find a way to get you your vehicle on the date they specified. The DOT have rules and regulations over auto movers that are strictly implemented, its true. But like I mentioned above, experienced transporters know these and they give you an estimated time that has due consideration to these rules. So do not let inexperienced auto shippers use excuses such as "The DOT limits a driver to a 11 hour drive and/or a 750 miles/day travel time". Come to think of it, why would they give you an estimated arrival date that doesn't consider this ruling, right?

Delivery Types. Auto shippers use two main methods of delivery, the door to door delivery method and the terminal delivery type. The difference of these two are based on efforts. The door to door delivery type is the expensive one. This is simply because it would require additional efforts from the auto transporters. In this delivery method, the transporters will pick up your vehicle straight from your doorstep and deliver it right to the doorstep of your destination. The terminal delivery type is, on the other hand, the cheaper one. This is because it would require a tad effort on your end. In this delivery type, you would have to bring your vehicle to a certain terminal you and the auto transporter have agreed upon. The transporter will then ship your vehicle to the terminal closest to your destination (that you and the transporter have agreed upon as well) where you will have to pick it up. So you see, the door to door is more expensive because the auto transporters will handle technically everything from pick up to shipping to delivery. The terminal method is cheaper due to the fact that you have to deliver and pick up your automobile from the car shipper's terminal.

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