How to get FIFA 18 free Coins and Points

Fifa 18: What can the new football simulation?


Fifa 18 is finally here! This year, fans can already play the full version three days before release, which makes the so-called Icon edition of Fifa 18 free points possible. But what is really new? Where is it still stuck? And where can Fifa really score this year?

For diehard Fifa fans it's an annual ritual. Once the latest version has been released, the old Fifa ends up on Ebay classifieds or dusty on the shelf at a ridiculous price. Fifa is a temporary pleasure. When the new season starts and the first trailer for the new game is there, the previous version loses appeal. And the big wait begins.

This year Fifa has for the first time provided a pre-order version in digital version. Thus, very impatient players already three days before the official release date (September 29) play the full version . High time to take a close look at Fifa 18 times.

The gameplay is slower - and that's a good thing

Compared to Fifa 17, there are some changes that are positive. The gameplay is immediately noticeable. While the predecessor was very hectic, focused on speed and dribbling coin master ios hack tool, the new version accommodates the tactical foes among gamers: it's slower - but more accurate. Who prefers to come with a passing game to score, has in Fifa 18 free coins hack tool. It is also more realistic. A "bad pass festival" like Fifa 17 is not that common anymore. However, you have to mix through the opposing defenses a bit. Sologue length and dribble action have also become much more difficult when playing against the CPU, making them more cumbersome but more realistic.