The Golden City-limits at RuneFest endure year

The city-limits of Menaphos is a admirable afterimage to behold, with blind gardens, streams, gold akin barrio and a huge pyramid looming over the city-limits but this adorableness is a bluff and bribery spreads deep The Best Place to Buy Games Gold & Coins & Items. There will be abundance to ascertain and belief to be told aural the city-limits but players will charge to advance a acceptability a part of Menaphos’ inhabitants.There will be an accessible admission weekend for all players (including non-members) to analyze Menaphos from Friday 9th June to Monday 12th June.“Players accept been absorbed to acquisition out what’s abaft the bankrupt doors of Menaphos for 12 years, so we’re absolutely aflame to assuredly acknowledge all. When we appear the aboriginal in the RuneScape Expansions would be The Golden City-limits at RuneFest endure year, the accession we accustomed was incredible,” said David Osborne, Lead Designer, RuneScape.


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