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SINA sports news 2011 12 buy madden ultimate team coins season NFL General game 11th week just falls curtain, 12th week immediately to opened curtain, this week is Thanksgiving, each a years of Thanksgiving, NFL will select one quite has watch of game put in Thursday night game, this year also also so, this week of Thursday night game has three field game, respectively is Packers on male lion, Dolphin on Dallas and Crow on 49 people, SINA Sports Select has Crow and 49 people team of game for broadcast, also Guangdong Sports, Five star sports, media also will on this field game for scene live, time for November 25 9:20, welcomes fans friends were to Shi watch known, San Francisco 49 people team and Baltimore Crow team of coach is brothers Kat Sam HA baofu (Jim Harbaugh) and John. habaofu (John Harbaugh), and two people respective led of team and respectively in themselves of Union country Alliance and beauty Alliance are top, very has may into this year of playoffs. 8 WINS and 49 has been made against the American League record of one of the most outstanding teams of the Baltimore Ravens, was also called a battle of King's mountain. John and Jim, this meeting will also be the first brothers in NFL history among head coach too. This year fourth years coached Crow team of about John. habaofu think this field game will will was bearing in mind, he said: "this is is a is crazy of things, dang we also is small of when, we on had to many things mutual compete for, didn't thought in so fierce of NFL field, we also together station in has opposite, I cannot said we of parents will will for I and Jim and is proud, but this indeed is is not easy. ” This is Jim habaofu first years in Union coached, in he of first a season in will led Shang season dead of 49 people team has has reborn like of changes, this season currently weizhi has made has 9 wins 1 negative of amazing record, looking full Union, also after now made trendsetter record of Green Bay Packers team, since 2002 season made 10 wins 6 negative killed into playoffs yilai, 49 people team also no in a season in made had over 9 field victory of season, But Jim's arrival and his tough and efficient coaching ability make his Titans are the best coach said a very high honor. While John's achievement is also quite good, and in his first three seasons, each season he has at least led the Ravens into the playoffs of Division semi-final, however, battle currently, Jim said, "we now have no time to think about the so-called cozy gathering, which did not have much worthwhile, we have a lot of work to do. "Indeed, the brothers are both now in the attacks led his team to the playoffs, and John said," I'll tell you, this is going to be a battle, I do not think that this game would be easy. Morale of our team is quite strong, and our different styles, this is going to be a great game, if you're a rugby fan, you really should not miss a game. ” In Jim habaofu of carefully BDSM Xia, once in Shang season had lost main location 2005 talent champion alaikesishimisi this season also has has quite excellent of performance, currently Smith has outgoing has 13 a passing up array, four points David scoring up to 93.9 points, ranked NFL seventh bit, and last week 23:7 beat with district opponents Arizona red bird team of game in the, Smith single field outgoing has 267 yards and 2 a passing up array, including to has team top outside took over maikeerkelabuteli ( Michael Crabtree) advancement of the 7 ball and 120 yards distance. Smith said in this field "habao Bowl" of game in, he think no what special of factors, he said: "all also is and yiqian as, coach in this a week in are no refers to had he of brother, this week to we preparing for of time is short, and we of journey is quite long, we must to overcome all difficult, indeed this week we was arrangements of full. ” And Crow team of defensive leader leiliuyisi (Ray Lewis) also has may will will in this field game comeback, last week because feet hurt he absent has 31:24 beat tiger team of that field game, Lewis said: "I will uses each once opportunities treatment good I of injuries, towards in Thursday play game, any when you see you of teammate presence Shang struggle and I is no see they together, as one team of leader for, this is not can of. "For 49 people team for, they of ACE ran Feng fulankegeer (Frank Gore) also needs ran out 61 yards, on can beyond team of history Shang of celebrity Fame members Joe. Perry by created of 7344 yards of team history records 49 people team of defensive group must to limit live Crow team of full stars ran Feng Lei Laisi (Ray Rice), Shang one game Rai Republika ran out has 104 yards and two a up array, And 49 who runs this season against the loss of yardage only 73.9, since November 22, 2009, 49 teams have gone 35 games without an opponent's running back ran out of more than 100 yards, and the last time the two teams play a defensive war, on October 7, 2007, the Ravens visit San Francisco's 9:7 win over opponents.